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Hey, I am Tomáš 👋

I am a software developer based in Olomouc, Czech Republic. I have been working with web technologies for multiple years. I am passionate about building scalable and performant web applications.

About Me

As a developer, I have always been passionate about creating elegant and effective solutions to complex problems. I have a strong foundation in software development, with a focus on web technologies such as Laravel (PHP), Node.js and Flutter. I am also experienced in working with relational databases such as MySQL. I am a quick learner and I am always eager to learn new technologies and frameworks.

Throughout my career, I have worked on a wide range of projects, from simple static websites to complex web applications. I am experienced in working with a variety of development tools and frameworks, including React, Vue.js, and React Native. I am always eager to learn and explore new technologies, and I am constantly seeking out opportunities to improve my skills and knowledge.













Online decetranlized website tracker used to get better results in pinging services.

Čerstvě Utrženo Haná

Internal website with an adminstration dashboard for company stock holders.

SignalData MQTT Subscriber

Internal application used to handle live data from IoT devices.

Kubírovací kalkulačka

Mobile application for calculating the wood volume in a tree and managing the data.

Instagram bot

Internal web application used for marketing purposes such as generating bigger audience.


Tomáš David
2020 - Present

Helping clients to build their websites and web applications.

Full Stack Developer

Softíci LLC
2020 - January 2023

Designed, developed, and modifed software systems and custom components.


Laravel Developer

February 2023 - Present

I take part in a MaaS application development.


Get In Touch

If you want us to work together, have any questions or want me to speak at your event, my inbox is always open. Whether I just want to say hi, I'll try my best to get back to you! Cheers!

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